Episode 025 with Surfers Against Sewage Chief Executive Hugo Tagholm is now live!
A vital listen this one, with a tireless and charismatic environmental advocate. I visited Hugo at the Surfers Against Sewage HQ to talk about how SAS has evolved into the much-loved marine conservation charity we all know today, how ordinary people can help stem the endless tide of plastic currently clogging up the oceans and much more.
Big thanks to Hugo for taking the time to come on the show and share his insights. Click the link to have a listen. Thanks to Will Bremridge-willbphoto for the portrait.

Big thanks to @dolectures for including me in their list of 100 Must-Listen-To Podcasts this week.

Episode 024 of the @welooksideways Podcast with @mcnamara_s is now live!

Click the link in my bio to have a listen. In this one we chatted about Garrett’s life and career, and some critical recent developments, including @andrew_cotty’s horror wipeout at last Nazare last week, Garrett’s latest project with @polikromia, and how his own Mavericks horror slam changed his life for the better.
Awesome episode this one, thanks for coming on the show Garrett.

Episode 024 with Garrett McNamara is live! I headed up town to meet Garrett and chat about his life and career. On the agenda – Cotty’s horror slam, how his own Mavericks wipeout changed his life, the latest Fearless project with Pablo Garcia, and plenty more. Its a good one this – click the link to have a listen.
Big thanks to Jordan Williamson for making it happen, Nott Scoxin for making it sound half decent, and Matt Ward for the little theme tune I use every week.

Dropping soon: my conversation with surfer, extreme waterman and big wave legend @mcnamara_s.

It was a great privilege to get Garrett on the show and hear first-hand tales from his incredible life and career – we talked @andrew_cotty’s lucky escape in Nazare last week, how Garrett pioneered Nazaré, and how his own life-changing wipeout at Mavericks last year has changed his whole perspective on life and surfing.
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