When it comes to the actual riding, events like the X-Games are all about cutting-edge competitive freestyle riding. Spectacular, but only one part of the story. That’s one reason why for our first event in Tignes we decided to showcase a very different side of snowboarding culture by inviting renowned shred photographer  James McPhail to curate his own show.

Jamey’s shot of rider Scott Nixon in Uzbekistan

James spent the best part of a decade shooting backcountry snowboarding in some of the globe’s most unusual destinations, from Japan to Iran. His inspirational images and tales from the road graced snowboarding magazines around the world, providing powdery dream and travel fodder for countless thousands of snowboarders around the world.

One of countless covers from Jamesy’s career.

 “I decided to choose shots from over the years that quite simply made me want to go snowboarding. It’s about the joy of riding powder whilst being surrounded by the beauty of mountains. These are the shots that never fail to remind me of just how much fun snowboarding can be”

Our media partners Huck interviewed James as part of their event coverage.

The resulting exhibition was Waiting For Clouds, a unique collection of Jamesy’s images selected by the man himself that ran throughout X Games week. The opening private view view kicked our week off with a bang, and provided a nice counterpart to the brouhaha of the main X Games event. Click the gallery at the top of the page to see the images from the show.

(l to r) Adam Gendle in Iran. James Stentiford in Russia.